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About us

7 Laws of Persuasion

7 Laws of Persuasion is a Dutch employment law firm in Rotterdam. It was founded in 2010 by Ilma van Aalst, who works exclusively in the area of employment law. 7 Laws of Persuasion works closely together with 4 Eye Principle, an HR consultancy firm, which provides Human Resources consultancy services on an hourly basis.

Ilma van Aalst

Ilma van Aalst received her LL.M degree from the Radboud University in Nijmegen. She began her career as an employment law attorney in 2000 at law firm Poelmann van den Broek in Nijmegen. After having worked for this firm for more than five years she subsequently started working as an employment law attorney at law firm Eversheds in Rotterdam. After having worked for Eversheds for about five years Ilma decided to found her own law firm in 2010: 7 Laws of Persuasion.

Ilma is a member of the Dutch Employment Attorneys Association (VAAN, Vereniging Arbeidsrecht Advocaten Nederland), the only employment law association that received a certificate of het Dutch BAR that recognizes the quality of specialisation in the field of employment law. Furthermore, Ilma is a member of the Rotterdam Employment Attorneys Association and the Association of Employment. Since 2008 Ilma also lectures employment law.

4 Eye Principle

The reason why 7 Laws of Persuasion works closely together with 4 Eye Principle is that employees and smaller employers often lack the assistance of an HR professional. Employees should be facilitated by the HR professional of the employer. However, some employers lack the assistance of an HR professional or the HR professional does not uphold the interests of the employee sufficiently.

For example, the employer takes the view that the employee does not function well, whereas the employee does indeed function well. Or a disabled employee lacks the support of HR making it impossible to perform his or her tasks whereas it would have been possible to do so with the right support of HR.

Smaller employers often lack the assistance of an HR professional. Frequently, they have no one on staff who has specific expertise in the area of HR or just someone who is capable of dealing with operational issues and not someone who is capable of dealing with strategic HR issues.

This often results in smaller employers not having a well-considered HR policy, which makes them significantly less productive than their competitors who do have such a policy in place. Research for example shows that a well-considered HR policy may increase the productivity by more than 20%. Furthermore, it often results in smaller employers having relatively more often conflicts with their staff, which negatively impacts the relationship between the employer and the staff and is unnecessarily costly.

7 Laws of Persuasion and 4 Eye Principle combine their strengths, allowing smaller employers to increase their productivity and avoid conflicts with their staff as much as possible, and employees to bring the (contra)expertise of an HR professional to the debate in order to convince the employer or the court that the employer does not behave in the way a good employer should behave.


7 Laws of Persuasion is based in Rotterdam. However, we can represent you throughout the Netherlands.

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