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Hourly rate and other charges

The hourly rate of Ilma of Aalst is € 195 plus 21% VAT. Unlike many other law firms 7 Laws of Persuasion does not charge a fixed surcharge for office costs. However, disbursements, being expenses incurred in connection with rendering our services, such as court fees and the fees charged by bailiffs, will be charged separately to you.

Small expenses, such as expenses for the retrieval of an extract from the register of the Chamber of Commerce and travel expenses for journeys made throughout the Netherlands, will not be charged to you.

Employment law attorney and HR professional

In case a matter requires the expertise of an employment law attorney and an HR professional and you choose to hire the strategic alliance partner of 7 Laws of Persuasion, 4 Eye Principle, to render the HR consultancy services, you will never be charged twice.

For example, if it is necessary that both Ilma van Aalst and Kenneth Horsch from 4 Eye Principle join a meeting or a telephone call Ilma and Kenneth will both merely charge half the time spent on the meeting or telephone call. If documents are relevant from an employment law perspective and an HR perspective and therefore should be reviewed by both only one of them will charge you for the time spent reviewing the documents.

The billing statement will include the time spent (broke down into increments of 6 minutes) and the nature of the services rendered and will also indicate which documents have been reviewed, allowing you to check whether the services rendered were not charged twice to you.

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