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Besides paternity leave 3 extra days leave around childbirth

In addition to paternity leave of two days an employee whose partner has given birth gets an unconditional right to take 3 days of subsequent parental leave. Currently, the request of the employee may still be refused by the employer if compelling business or organisation reasons require so.

Paternity leave extended in the Netherlands

Paternity leave is thus extended in the Netherlands with a parental leave of 3 days if the new provision of this bill will be implemented. As per the moment of entry into force of this provision the employer can no longer refuse the request for these 3 days of parental leave.

No additional leave

The 3 extra days are no additional leave. These days will be deducted from the total amount of days of parental leave. The new provision is intended to ensure that the employee can use these 3 days of parental leave in the period just after the day the child was born.

In principal unpaid leave

Unless otherwise agreed upon between the employer and the employee the 3 extra days will – in accordance with parental leave and unlike paternity leave – be an unpaid leave.

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